Questions & Answers

Q: How many private rooms do you have and how many persons can hold for each room?

A: We have 11 private rooms, including 2 small rooms (max 5 persons), 6 medium rooms (max 8 persons), 2 large rooms (max 12 persons), and 1 VIP room (max 30 persons). Totally we can host large group events for up to 180 peoples. 

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?

A: No. No outside food and drinks are permitted on our premises.  However, you can bring your own cake for a birthday party (please don't forget to bring your own plates and utensils).

Q:  How is the room-use hour counted?

A: After we set up and test the karaoke system for you, the counting for room use will start. When you check out at the front desk, the total time will be counted as a decimal hour, for example, 2.2 hours for 2 hours and 12 minutes, and the total room coast is 2.2 times per hour rate.

Q: Do I have to make a reservation before coming?      

A: No. But for a busy weekend and VIP room, I strongly suggest you make a reservation at before. For weekday night you can just stop by and choose which room best matches your needs.

Q: Is there any age restriction?

A: No. Ours is an age-friendly facility and from kids, teenagers, high school, and college students to seniors all will enjoy their time sing together with their friends.   

Q: Is smoking permitted in your premises?

A: No, any smoking including digital vapor are not permitted in our premises. But you can smoke outside the front door and we have set a cigarette receptacle for the butt.  

Q: How many songs do you have? Do you have a song list? Can we cast YouTube songs on the karaoke system?

A: We have stored more than 300,000 songs in our system and there are many languages you can choose. Since there are so many songs that we don't have a hard-copied song list menu, but it's very convenient for you to choose songs from a touch-screen karaoke machine. You can also select your songs through a mobile app.  All rooms are equipped with Chromecast so that you can cast YouTube songs from your mobile phone to our karaoke system (be sure using our WIFI connection before you cast your video).

Q: Do you serve beer?

A: Yes, we serve beer in the bar room (which is located at the corner of our premises) which is equipped with TV, high chairs, and tables.

Q: Do you provide food?

A: Yes. We have a commercial kitchen and provide hot food items. We do have multiple choices of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for different age groups. Please find the items and their prices on our web page. 

Q: What approaches you did to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 or other viruses?

A: The health of our customers is our first priority.

  • We set hand sanitizer in the front desk and high traffic areas and suggest all customers wash their hands or using the sanitizer before they enter the private room;

  • We will disinfect the tables, touch screen, microphone, and musical instrument after every use of the room;

  • We request all customers follow the rule that the total number of guests can not exceed the maximum being set for each private room; 

  • All employee will take their face masks whenever 6-feet distance from customers is impossible;

  • With the rising COVID-19 cases in the area, we have limited to 5 persons for each private room and we only open up to two private rooms at one time (which will maximize 10 person in our entire suite).