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Aug. 24, 2020

Dear Friends,

In light of rising COVID-19 in the area, we are open by reservation only!

If you would like to rent a private room for your friends (same household or  "bubble" group who have agreed to socialize only with each other and take the same precautions) (for up to 5 people and at least 2 hours' use), please email us (starsingkaraokepullman@gmail.com).

We will open up to two rooms at a time! 

No Beer after 10 pm!

Thank you!


We are reopening!!!

Hello, our friends! I hope everyone is safe during the last couple of months' pandemic! As our county enters phase-3 so Star Sing Karaoke is planning to be opened this Saturday (June 13, 2020).

For protecting our valuable customers, we will do everything following CDC and WA state guidance on “Safe Start”. We will do:

1# All KTV and bathrooms rooms will be disinfected every opening day and the microphone and table will be disinfected after each service;

2# Lobby will be disinfected frequently during the opening hours;

3# The hand-sanitizer will be provided at the front desk and high traffic area;

4# We suggested customers use face-cover when they leave their room to the public space (include restroom);

5# The maximum number of people permitted in each room are adjusted as following (about 75% of maximum capacity):

Small room: 3

Middle room: 5

Large room: 8

VIP: 10

6# Employees will be wearing face-masks when the 6-feet distances from customers can not be kept.

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